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CYCLISTS CROSS CONTINENT IN CANCER FIGHT BY CHRIS WELNER CALL IT A DREAMY adventure for a great cause in nightmare conditions. Snowy and frigid October weather followed 39 Calgary cyclists who rode a 4,000K relay from Alberta to Maine in 10 days and raised $400,000 for Wellspring Calgary, a cancer support centre. Greeting the Canadian riders was Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy fame) who is producing a film about the epic adventure and its riders called The Peloton Project. Calgary cyclists, including Martha Macdonnell and Valerie Nontell (above) meet cancer crusader Patrick Dempsey in Maine. "Thank you to the cyclists for your passion for the cause, for the sacrifices you've made in order to make this day possible, and for your dedication to training, fundraising, and the ride," says Dempsey, who stages his own run, walk and ride fundraiser for cancer. Five teams of riders made steady progress cycling 125K at a time before handing off to the next peloton. "The strong winds and rain made it a lot IMPACT Magazine NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 FIRST IMPACT more difficult for the riders this year," says Bill Gilliland, president of event organizer Cancervive Foundation of Alberta. "But we remind each other that, whatever we're dealing with, it's not chemo or radiation." Martha Macdonnell, 60, a physician from Cochrane, Alta., says, "It was exhausting, but everyone is just grateful to be alive and able to be on a bike." She was thrilled to meet the TV star, saying: "As we rode across the bridge to Lewiston - and McDreamy - there was a ton of emotion. Most of us were in tears. It was nice how appreciative he was of our efforts. "Riding for Cancervive gives you a lot of time in your head and there is a lot of reflection about life and death karma." Valerie Nontell, 58, a petroleum consultant who has had leukemia twice, said the notion of pedalling across the continent seemed like lunacy, considering she hadn't been on a bike in 40 years. "The ups and downs of the ride, on hills, through rain and snow were hard, but indescribably brilliant," she says. "This was an unbelievable, life­changing experience." The Cancervive Peloton Project is an annual event from Calgary. The eighth ride is scheduled for June 2013, destined for Davis, Calif. PHOTOS BY LAUREN MAVIAN on




SPORT AND NUTRITION companies often send products to IMPACT looking for our take on their products. Here's IMPACT's Dish on some of our favourites. I 11 oaw=c- THE CALLET I didn't really want to like yet another iPhone case, especially one being flogged by Snooki what's­ her­name, but this one is growing on me. A bit bulky for a smartphone case, the Callet uses its girth to advantage. With two slots for money cards or a driver's licence, you can go for a long run or ride and leave the wallet behind. www.thecallet.com $20 VENOWAVE Developed as a circulation aid for people with deep vein thrombosis, the Venowave is gaining favour with athletes as a recovery tool. Triathlete Simon Whitfield gave it a thumbs­up at the Olympics in London, and it kept my legs fresher on a recent long­haul flight. Strap it on your calf and Venowave away. www.venowave.com $499 BANa "Serious rehydration that's like an IV in a bottle" is how BANa sport drink is marketed, chock full of sodium (800 mg) and electrolytes. Sodium is an important part of rehydration but BANa's combination of Stevia and sea salt wasn't for my palate. If it came with a needle and a drip tube - maybe. Isn't that the way IV is supposed to work? www.banadrink.com $10/4 pack - Ed Disher

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